Beginner DIYers – We Got you!

If you’ve just hired a professional moving company to move you into your own place, you might have noticed there are a few things you want to touch up. You don’t want to again spend on hiring someone to do it as it looks pretty simple to do by yourself. Don’t stress, doing your own DIY starts somewhere like in the beginning. You can learn to do it on your own!

To get you in the mood to revamp your home, how about painting?

Splash of Paint

Do you want to give your new place a fresher look? A simple lick of new paint will do the trick.


Masking tape

Paint pan

Paint roller


Primer-ready paint

Drop cloth

Prepare The Great Wall

You need to make sure your walls are smooth with no holes or cracks. So, sand them down and patch away. You did buy the primer-ready paint, right? Great!

The paint that already has the primer in it will help the walls look smooth and not streaky. After all, you want it to look like a professional did the job. Lay down your drop cloth on the floor so you don’t splash paint anywhere else other than the walls. Now get on that step ladder and paint the walls like you mean it!

We have one more beginner DIY project for you to try. It’s so easy and won’t even cost a fortune. It’s time to revamp those light switch covers!

Make a mental note of the sizes of each light switch cover before you make your way to the local craft store. Have a look at the selection of photo frames and pick a couple of frames that tickle your fancy.

What Now?

Take your fancy brand new photo frames, glue the back sides of the frames and fit each frame around your light switch covers. Hold some pressure on them until they are secure on the wall. There you have it, revamped and pretty light switch covers.
Now that’s some home improvement skills we’re talking about!

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