Home Improvement Skills You Can Do At Home!

You might be wondering why you should learn a few home improvement tricks to do at home. We have a pretty simple answer for you. It’s because you can and will feel awesome afterward!

Below, we’ve explained two very simple home improvement tricks you can do by yourself and not even break a sweat over it.

No More Splintered Wood Cuttings

If you’re considering putting in some light shelving anywhere in your home, you definitely want to make the perfect cut, yes? Here’s how…

Step 1

Place your wooden sheeting on a flat surface and mark your measurements with a pencil.

Step 2

Double check those measurements!

Step 3

Run some masking tape over the lines you measured.

Step 4

Cut carefully along those taped lines with a wood saw for a completely smooth finish!

Clean Up That Old Caulk

Are those sealed edges at the bottom rim of your shower looking a bit chipped and grimy? You might want to get cleaning and repairing so that the water that creeps in there doesn’t eventually damage your wall.

Step 1

Scour out the worn caulk with a screwdriver.

Step 2

Take an old damp cloth that has a touch of rubbing alcohol on it and clean out all that muck.

Step 3

Wait for it to dry.

Step 4

Apply a thick lining of tub-and-tile caulk in that particular area.

Step 5

Don’t forget to smooth it out and let it dry properly!

Now that we’ve given you some tips on simple home improvement ideas, you can sit back and admire your handiwork. You are slowly, one trick at a time, improving the look and feel of your home. Yes, these are very basic things but it all adds up in the end. When you have guests over and they ask who put your new shelves up, imagine the sheer grin on your face when you tell them you did it!

Best get cracking on that next little project. Embrace the glory of home improvement!

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